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15 October 2009

Bintan Island

In recent years, Bintan has turned into a major tourist destination of tourists, as the gate of dreams into reality. Bintan endowed some beautifully beaches, bays, and a stunning diving area.

Visit at Bintan will not be boring , because there are many other interesting places like Bintan mountain where you will be challenged to make the climb through the rain forest with an altitude mountain Bintan 340M, and you'll be treated to beautiful scenery. There is also Akau Night Market, Pelantan (River Village), Sri Bintan Kampung Eco Tour and adventure Sri Small, and stalls selling local handicrafts. You are guaranteed satisfied and pleased with the visiting Bintan.

Go to Bintan Island
Bintan Island is the main door to Indonesia, because so many directions ferry to Singapore and Malaysia. Many ports on the island of Riau and Batam Airport in freeing Visa fees for tourist arrivals.

Airport Batam Hang Nadim International has flights from various destinations in Indonesia. Bintan has airport smaller in Kijang, which has few domestic flights, including to the Natuna Islands.
Ferry is the main transportation to the island of Bintan. There are so many kinds of Ferry with a variety of scheduled departure, you can find further information on each port / travel agents.
From Singapore
Lots of the ferry between Singapore to Batam and Bintan. In addition to the two famous islands, there are also ferry between Singapore to Tanjung Bali on the island of Karimun and Tanjung Baru on the island of Kundur.

From Malaysia many directions Ferry Johor Bahru with Batam and Bintan. Many also Ferry to Kukup in southwestern part of Johor and Tanjung Balai Karimun island.
From other islands in Indonesia
Many Ferry associated with the cities in Sumatra, such as Pekanbaru, Dumai, Palembag, Kuala Tungkal in Jambi and other ports with smaller Batam, Bintan, Karimun and other islands in a group. Indonesian passenger boats are owned company located in the port Pelni Kijang Bintan, Batam Sekupang, domestic Ferry Terminal and Natuna Island, connecting with Jakarta, Medan, Pontianak and other ports.


Tina Hedgemoore said...

i'm from USA thinks that Bintan Island is a wonderful island. why? because this island is like the heaven

Syifa Arrasyid binti Mahmoud said...

I'm from Malaysia said that Bintan is a unique island and its near malaysia !im so glad! i'm dream that bintan is in malaysian territory and i live there.

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