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20 October 2009

Palembang - River which divides the city

Palembang is one of the major cities in Indonesia as well as the capital of South Sumatra province. Palembang is the second largest city in Sumatra after Medan. The city was once the center of Srivijaya Kingdom before moving to Jambi. Siguntang Hill in Palembang West, until now many people are still sacred and regarded as the former center of purity in the past.

Had lost its function as a major port, the city population and adopted the culture of coastal Malays, and Javanese. Even now it can be seen in its culture. One of them is language. Words such as "mace (the door)", "pawpaw (banana)", is one example. Was knighted Javanese, such as Raden Mas / Ayu. The tombs of the Islamic heritage was not different in form and coraknya with Islamic tombs in Java.

The city has a large Sino community. Foods such as pempek or Tekwan made from fish impressive "Chinese" taste "thick Palembang society.

Palembang is the oldest city in Indonesia, it is based on the inscriptions found Kedukan Hill Siguntang Hill, west of Palembang city, which states that the formation of a Wanua interpreted as the capital city of the kingdom of Srivijaya on June 17, 683 AD [2]. Then used as a benchmark date of birth day of Palembang city.

Palembang is also trusted by the people wither as ancestral land. Because in this city where forerunners drop first king of Parameswara Malays who descended from the Mount Siguntang. Then Parameswa left Palembang with Sang Nila Utama to go to Tumasik and Tumasik changed the name. The name is singapore. When troops from the Javanese Majapahit will attack Singapore, Parameswara with his followers moved to disemenanjung Malacca Malaysia Malacca and established the kingdom. Some of his descendants also opened a new country in the Pattani and Narathiwat (now southern Thailand region). After the contact with traders and people in Gujarat and Persia Malacca, Parameswara then convert to Islam and changed his name to Sultan Iskandar Shah.

Population It is a branch of the Melayu, Bahasa Melayu and uses that have been adapted to the local dialect now known as the Language of Palembang as everyday language, but the migrants often use regional languages as the language of everyday life, such as language Komering, Rawas, Lahat, etc.. Migrants from outside of South Sumatra is sometimes also used as a regional language of everyday language in the family or regional communities, such as migrants from Java and other regions in Indonesia. But to communicate with other Palembang residents, residents generally use the language as the medium of Palembang daily. In addition to the original inhabitants of Palembang , in Palembang there are also residents and citizens of immigrant descent, migrants as citizens of the island of Java, Madura, Kalimantan, Sulawesi (Makassar and Manado), Papua, Sumatra and the Other. Citizens of many descendants living in Palembang was the Indonesians, Arabs and Indians.Majority religion is Islam in Palembang. In addition there is also the Catholic religion, Protestantism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.

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pempek? i have been go yo palembang last week......pempek is great! I love it

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how to make mpek-mpek ?

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