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10 December 2009

The Highest Smiling Country 2008

Indonesia was awarded "The highest smiling country" with a smile aka The Cheapest. That means, people regarded Indonesia as a nation with a smile that always graced his face. This survey is conducted the Better Business AB based in Sweden. With a score of 98%, Indonesia beat the other countries. In this category, Pakistan is the lowest with a score of 44%.

The Highest Greeting Country

Not just about smiling, Indonesia also other awards in the affairs of Salam or "Greeting".
In the category of "Greeting", the highest in the world Indonesia with Hong Kong. Both these countries have 98% points. The lowest is Morocco with 48% points. Means in our country is a custom greeting that occur in everyday life, while in Morocco, people rarely say hello. This survey conducted by the mystery shopper who pretended to buy something on sale places around the world. Of the interaction, the data obtained were later collected and spread around the world.
This simple award should be given to this country.Smile Indonesia, warm, sincere.

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