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05 January 2010

Lombok Island

Tourism Places

Senggigi: Situated 10 Km north of Mataram, Senggigi Resort is the area's oldest and most famous in Lombok. Perfect place to relax, Senggigi boasts sandy beaches are safe for whites swim. At the center of Senggigi beach has good waves for surfing. This place also has a coral reef, colorful that provides protection for marine biota and coral reefs form a very beautiful and so is an ideal place for snorkeling. Senggigi affo
rdable for all classes, ranging from exclusive restaurants to small cafes line the pinggirjalan. There are many Club, Bar and Cafe which will serve tourists who stay here. Lodging is also available with a range from luxury hotels to small hotels and bungalows.

Batu Bolong: Batu Bolong (which translates as the stone with the hole) is one ideal place to watch a magnificent sunset over the Lombok straits. In this place there are Hindu temples built over a black rock with so konsruksi right direction toward Gunung Agung in Bali which can be easily recognized across the Lombok Strait, colors and musical religious ceremonies are almost always seen here.

Lingsar: Lingsar Narmada in the north and has a Hindu temple which is known by the public as a Hindu temple's most sacred. This temple was built in 171
4 that the situation became more a place of worship for the hold to the teaching of indigenous animism, Left Telu. Both these different beliefs combine teaching Animismenya. Once a year they gather together to conduct joint ceremony to welcome the coming of the rainy season. Ceremony "Topat War" begins with the first worship in each of their temples, and then they gathered outside the temple and another one starting at each other with the cooked rice and is wrapped in coconut leaves (young coconut leaf) which is called the diamond / topat.


Bintang Senggigi Hotel - budget - prices starting from Rp 325,000 per room
Graha Senggigi Hotel - 2 stars - prices starting from Rp 300,000 per room
Puri Saron Hotel Lombok - 3 stars - prices starting from Rp 400,000 per room
Senggigi Beach Hotel - 4 stars - prices starting from Rp 425,000 per room

so, what are you waiting for? let's visit lombok island and enjoy a nice holiday!!

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