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30 April 2010

Trans Studio Theme Park

TRANS Studio World is an integrated tourism area in the Makassar city peninsula. Having more than 20 thematic games (theme park) and equipped with various facilities such as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, and marina.

TRANS Studio is the largest theme park in the world. This Indoor Theme park ,Trans World Studio located in the Tanjung Bunga Integrated Global Tourism and Business Area, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The distance is only about five kilometers from Makassar center city (Karebosi Field).

Before the Trans Studio Theme Park stands, the largest indoor theme park in the world is Lotte World in South Korea with 1.7 hectares wide. The large of Trans Studio Theme Park reached 2.7 hectares. Thus, Trans Studio Theme Park is now the largest indoor theme park in the world.

Trans Studio Theme Park is arena of entertainment and games that adopted the concept of Universal Studios, Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Caesar's Palace, and Movie World. The theme park was designed by Jhon Stevenson, the director of Kungfu Panda movie.

The zones are Cartoon City, Studio Central, Magic Corner, and Lost City and etc.

Some of the games are the Other World is a horror atmosphere show strange creatures, Jelajah (exploration) is the adventure in a neverland country, the Terror Twister or roller coaster, the Dragon Tower is the sensation of jumping off from height, Kids Studio is a simulation boadcasting for children, and four-dimensional cinema
(4DCinema ).

Trans Studio Walk is a shopping mall that has a different concept of shopping malls in general. It was designed as a shopping tourism arena that has a convenience as tourism object. It has thematic design of marine tourism and tropical nature tourism with The Trans Aquatic Atrium and The Trans Tropical Atrium.

Trans Hotel Studio & Residential is an area of hotel, apartments, and marina. In this location, you can enjoy and relax the star hotel service and beautiful panorama of Makassar Strait. You can also try water game such as jet ski, banana boat, or travel to some beautiful islands with tour ships.


Trans World Studio can be accessed with city transportation, taxi, or hotel transportation facilities. Trip to the location only takes about five minute from the city center.

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