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17 May 2010

Museum Satria Mandala

Entering a museum, we immediately jumped into the shadows of the past. The days that most generations have never experienced it. That is the function of a museum, convey and inform future generations, that important events have happened before his time arrives.
Museum Satria Mandala is one of the military history museum located quite strategically, on the road Jend. Gatot Subroto No.14 Jakarta Selatan. The building was formerly known as Wisma Yaso, the residence of Ratna Sari Dewi Sukarno (President Sukarno's third wife) and the Bung Karno be buried before buried in Blitar. This museum of historical objects relating to the military struggle from 1945 until now.
Travel history to the museum is a very frugal budget tours. Satria Mandala at the Museum, we are only paying adult ticket and Rp.750 Rp.1.500 for children. While for the 5,000 bus vehicles once inside, to the private car Rp.2.000 first two hours and motorcycle Rp.1.000 for the first hour. Very frugal is not it? we've got the holidays memorable at the same time a useful science.

Satria Mandala Museum Collection stretcher used by General Sudirman when peranga guerrilla
To see all the museum collections, should be down the hall for the sake of space exploration.After buying tickets at the booth, entered the first room through the door with a shiny black wood carving. The first collections that we have encountered is the concept handwritten text of the proclamation by President Soekarno. Then enter the hallway that contains dioramas depict events and military struggle, totaling 74 dioramas.
Afterwards we will go to great generals ruagan and collection. Among Non-General Sudirman, one of the disposable litter collection time lead Guerilla War. And the latest collection jendaral room is about Soeharto, major generals and a former president of Indonesia's two phenomenal.
Entering the basement we will see a collection of heavy or light weapons. In addition there is a collection of the banners and symbols of TNI. After that should come out to see the collections on display outside, such as various types of aircraft relics of the past. One of them is Curen aircraft ever flown by Augustine Adi Sucipto. There is also a war such as armored vehicles and tanks, ambulances, sedan that had become a target and the jeep, which is owned by General Sudirman newest museum collections.
Other facilities at the Museum Satria Mandala is a Child Reading Park, Souvenir Shop, or Cafeteria Cafeteria, praying along with toilets, and multipurpose room or auditorium with a capacity of 600 seats for various events and meetings. The museum opened on Tuesday until the week at 09.00 s / d 14:30, closed Mondays and holidays.

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