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11 May 2010

Reog Ponorogo

Reog is one of the famous perfomances art from Indonesia. There are 2 types of reog, one is from Sunda and the other is from Ponorogo. And this ponorogo reog is more famous now.

There are five versions of the history of reog, but the most famous story is the story of the rebellion Ki Ageng Kutu, a royal servant during Bhre Kertabhumi, last king of Majapahit who ruled in the 15th century, the wrath of the corrupt behavior of the king so that he did protested through the performing arts Reog, which is a "hint" to the King Bhre Kertabumi and his kingdom. Performances Reog become a way of Ki Ageng Kutu build local resistance using Reog popularity. In the show Reog seems like head of a lion mask, known as "Singa Barong", the king of the jungle, which became a symbol for Kertabumi, and above it is plugged in peacock feathers to resemble a giant fan that symbolized the powerful influence of his Chinese colleagues who manage the over all the movement. Jatilan, played by a group of gemblak dancers which riding a rocking-horse became a symbol of the power of the Majapahit Empire troops who became Warok contrast ratio with the power, behind the red clown mask that has become a symbol for Ki Ageng Kutu, alone and sustain the weight that reached more masks singabarong of 50kg using only his teeth.

Modern Reog usually performed in several events such as weddings, circumcisions and National holidays. Art Reog Ponorogo consists of several series of two to three opening dances. The first dance is usually performed by brave men with a 6-8 all-black clothes, with faces painted red. The dancer depicts the figure of a courageous lion. Next is a dance which was performed by 6-8 girls who boarded horses. In traditionally reog, these dancers are usually played by male dancers who dressed women. This dance is called the braid horse dance, which should be distinguished from other dances are lumping horse dance.
After the opening dance finished, the new core scenes whose content is displayed depends reog condition where art is displayed. If associated with the wedding scene shown is romance. To feast circumcision or circumcision, is usually a story of warriors,
Reog art scene in the scenario usually does not follow the well-organized. Sometimes a player's performances can be replaced by another player if the player is important in staging kelelahan.The most important thing in reog art is to give satisfaction to the audience.
Last scene is a lion barong, where the perpetrator wore a mask-shaped head of a lion with a crown made of peacock feathers. The weight of this mask can reach 50-60 kg. This heavy mask carried by the dancers with their teeth. The ability to bring this mask other than the weight gained by training, is also believed diproleh with spiritual practices such as fasting and penance.

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