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06 July 2010

Land of Toraja

Land of Toraja is one of the tourism objects in Indonesia which inhabited by Toraja tribes, located in South Sulawesi. There are many interesting places here.


Pallawa is a traditional house or tongkonan located between bamboo trees on the hilltop. Decorated by some buffalo's horn which plugged in front of tongkonan. Located about12 km to the north from Rantepau.


Londa is steep rocks at the side of the typical Toraja tombs. One of them is located in the highest places of the hill with the cave where the corpse crates arranged in accordance with the family line. Located about 5 km to the south from Rantepau.

Ke'te Kesu

This is one of the fascinating village located about 4 km to the southeast from Rantepau. There's some tongkonan, barns, and megalith buildings around it. 100 m behind the township there's a cliff with the grave cemetery site dependent and tau tau with a stone fence. This village known with the art of carving and a great place for shopping.

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