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17 October 2009

2 Islands, in Thousand Islands

Princess Island

Princess Island is located adjacent to the northern Thousand Islands. Because of its distance away from Jakarta, more practical people achieve by using airplanes. From Kemayoran, made the flight to Long Island near the Princess Island. From Long Island, the journey continued with a motor boat to the Princess Island. Location of the Princess Island isolated and withdrawn from the islands other. Beautiful white sandy beaches. Princess island is ornamental fish aquarium, underwater aquarium, tennis courts, and the lizard in a mini zoo. This island lies far enough from Jakarta to make the sea around the island is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Rainbow Island

Rainbow Island including one cluster of the Island Princess, Island Petondan, Sepa Island and Island Gnetum gnemon. The distance the island from Marina Beach, Ancol, about 108 kilometers. On this island is also a tourist lodge restaurant located on land or floating. Rainbow Island is a favorite place of tourists from Japan. The couple from Japan usually chose this island as a place of their honeymoon. In fact, Japanese airlines - Japan Airlines (JAL), set up its own vacation package to the island rainbow. But this time the resort is not operating.


Angella Allesberg said...

im from germany .as u know germany have some island. but do u know how many islands in indonesia?

this post tell us about thousand, it means that indonesia have a lot of island!

i wanna go to the island in indonesia one by one.

supartono said...

@angela; 1000 maybe

Ethnic Indonesia said...

I think 3,400 islands

Administrator said...

Indonesia have 18.180 Islands. If you want to visit the islands in indonesia one by one, you will tired .in thousand islands ,it will be more than 1000 islands . Thousand Islands is near jakarta..!!

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