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16 October 2009

Sabang - The West Island

Sabang City is one of the city in Aceh, Indonesia. This city of islands across the north of Sumatra island, with the island of Pulau Weh is the biggest. Sabang is a free economic zone of Indonesia, he is often referred to as the westernmost point of Indonesia, precisely on the island of Bengal.

there is a freshwater lake called Lake Aneuk Laot.Pulau Weh is a volcanic island, an island atoll (coral island) is the process of experiencing the rapture of the sea surface. The process of in three stages, as evidenced by the existence of three terrace located at different heights.

Sabang Harbour

Sabang is a small island, this region's Aceh province.They put in northeastern Indonesia. From this island, The Republic of Indonesia has started counting from zero miles, starting to the east, the Republic of Indonesia has 18.000 islands

sabang sea filled with the beauty of coral reefs is maintained and protected by the government

Sabang island itself offers a great scenic area. From the harbour, just prepared your camera gear. Stop a while at Aneuk Laot up hill (Aneuk Laot means: Son of the sea). The best view i think close with 15.00 at noon because the sun goes directly from right sides. If you have a chance, try to make a short tour into Aneuk Laot village. Up there we can see a large beautifull and peacefull bay loaded with bright sun.

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