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15 October 2009

Banjarmasin - City of thousand rivers

Banjarmasin is one of the city and the capital of South Kalimantan province, Indonesia. Banjarmasin City Martapura split by the river and tidal influenced by the Java sea, which affect the drainage of the city and provide special characteristics of public life, especially the use of the river as one of the water transport infrastructure, tourism, fisheries .

Sightseeing is often regarded as a fantastic attraction, Banjarmasin like Venice in the Eastern world, because they have the potential of river tourism. However different the two cities and natural cultural background. In Banjarmasin still mostly found along the river floating houses called lanting house, which is always shaky play wave.

Regional and Health is a type of settlement is along the river (waterfront village) which has several tourist attractions, either in the form of nature tourism, cultural tourism and cultural tourism. Lives of people close to the river of life as a floating market, the riverside village with its traditional architecture.
various traditional boats with various loads are attractions for tourists, and even expected to be developed as tourist villages which can form images in the promotion of tourism in South Kalimantan. Still in the same region tourists can also visit Tuan Guru Mosque and Masjid Tuan Guru, Kembang island, islands and island Bakut Surprise. In the craft and Health have also carved to ornament the house of Banjar.

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