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15 October 2009

Mansinam Island

Mansinam island with an area of 410.97 ha, is located in the bay south of the city doreri - Manokwari.

Traditional boat or Long Boat is a means of transport used to visit this island
cost Rp. 3000, - per person in 10-15 minutes travel time. Visiting the island is unforgettable experience. Bat Cave would attract other beautiful natural beaches and comfortable as a place of recreation, swimming activities and boating. on the seabed around the island there are several wrecks and of course the object of its own tourist attraction for enthusiasts underwater park.

In addition, the island also have memories early history of civilization in Papua since the date of February 5, 1855, two German missionaries of Willem Carel Ottow and Johann Gottlob Gissler first set foot on this island. Sites Church, House, Boarding House, the Old Well and a few Grave Zendeling is historical evidence that can still be found in here in addition to entry of the gospel memorial in Papua. This event then makes set February 5 as Evangelism Day in Papua


Michelle Freed said...

wow i think indonesia is a beautiful country !!

Greg Gregory said...

i want to go to this wonderful island!

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