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25 October 2009

Umang Island

Umang Island is one of the alternative holiday destination to remove fatigue after days and days you work. The island of white sand and comfortable is located south Ujungkulon, Banten Province. If you live in Jakarta and surrounding areas, you can go through the toll crab island Jakarta - Merak. After about two hours via the toll road, exit through the door of the Eastern Attack Toll, continued driving for approximately two hours to reach the village wells. Arriving at the Well, Pulau Umang Resort & Spa provides car storage garage for travelers in Umang Island.

But if you are lazy with their own vehicles, this resort provides a means of transportation through the reservation. From the well, we can reach the island by renting or boat are available, and only takes about 5 ~ 10 minutes because it was close enough. Crab island presents interesting things to be enjoyed. We can see the beautiful white sand while appealing to the island along the pier. The scene is very attractive beach is suitable for places to shoot before getting married. Arriving in the lobby of the resort or villa that is available then you will be greeted with a welcome drink of juice and fresh wet towel. This reception is very fresh it's like when you are coming from Jakarta, for a considerable distance of time approximately 4 ~ 5 hrs .. On the island there are resorts or villa for a place to sleep very comfortably.

Sofa in the living room there to make us better enjoy the time together in this room. Bath bathroom rustic, with ornaments of clay memorable experience. Meanwhile, upstairs, there is a very romantic bed where the top of the glass, so it will be seemed that the stars at night sights. Island crab is only a small island with an area of no more than 5 hectares, but since opening in late 2004, the management has arranged quite nicely in and make a fairly complete facilities. If you love playing water sports then available jet skis, banana boats or snorkelling.

Umang surrounding waters safe enough for a variety of water sports activities because of the relatively calm waves, caused by the location of the island is not directly facing the open sea, but was blocked by the Ujung Kulon. There is also a swimming pool adjacent to the beach, while swimming you can enjoy the beautiful beach. If you like a massage, a Jacuzzi to massage sore aching body, and if you want to sit idle is also a spa package while enjoying a massage with aromatherapy to hear the waves. Water on the island of crab is very clear and clean, from the edge of the pier you can fish a lot of groups there to swim here, and can be a place for you to channel the fishing hobby.

As for children are available various facilities to play swing, etc.. In front of each villa where we stayed is the gazebo to relax ria coastal edge, a very suitable place to enjoy the sunrise or set, and also a very romantic place for dinner the edge of the beach while listening to the waves. Beside it is also cafe to listen to life music or sing songs. Umang Island is ideal for your honeymoon, vacation with family and other activities outside the home. But the trip to this island felt less comfortable than Jakarta, in addition to distance and travel time, as well as up and down winding roads, and streets were deserted.


Jasmine Rose said...

Umang...hmm i wanna go there

Marina Fransisco said...

i see the picture and i think Umang is a wonderful placeisteres

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