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10 November 2009

Banda Aceh - The Mecca Veranda

Banda Aceh is one of the city and the capital of Aceh, Indonesia. The city was formerly named Kutaraja, and since December 28, 1962 its name was changed to Banda Aceh. As a center of government, Banda Aceh became the center of all economic activity, political, social, and cultural. Cities that have been 796 years old - according to the law in Aceh No.5/1988, dated 22 April 1205 set as the date of the existence of the city. On December 26, 2004, the city was hit by the tsunami tidal waves caused by earthquakes in the Indian Ocean 9SR. This disaster took hundreds of thousands of residents and destroyed more than 60% of the building this city. Up to now not known how much would the people of Banda Aceh after the tsunami.

Masjid Raya Baiturrahman

Masjid Raya Baiturrahman is a mosque located in downtown Banda Aceh. This mosque is a mosque was formerly the Sultanate of Aceh. When the Dutch attacked the city of Banda Aceh in 1873, the mosque was burned, and the Netherlands in 1875 to rebuild a mosque as his successor. This single-domed mosque and can be completed on December 27, 1883. This mosque further extended to 3 dome in 1935. Last 5 expanded again into the dome (1959-1968). This mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Indonesia, which has a nice shape, carving an attractive, spacious yard and was very cool when the room was in the mosque.


Meuraxa area is comprised of several villages. Ulhee Leu is also included to the Meuraxa area. What is special about Meuraxa ? Well, this is still about the tsunami that flattened and destroyed nearly everything in Meuraxa. There was a special joint effort to bring back the area to live. Participative spatial plan was launched by stakeholders (government, community and NGOs). Due to the swampy nature, new Meuraxa plan is to develop more environmental friendly area, including city greenery, Water Park, etc. We do hope that the plan will be taken place and new Meuraxa is more beautiful than ever.



Hotel 3 - 5 Star : +-IDR 535.000,00/night
Unique Figures : IDR 5,000 - IDR 1,000,000
Transportation : IDR 3,000 (Labi-Labi City Transportation)
Etc. : +-IDR 870,000
Total : +-IDR 1,933,000 to live in Aceh for a day(s)

So what are you waiting for ? visit Aceh for your pleasure!


Pauline Wan said...

Are aceh saves from tsunami , now??

Juan Lopez Salazar said...

I love indonesia...actually aceh

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