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02 November 2009

Solo - The Largest Batik Producer

Solo is ranked the tenth largest city (after the Yogyakarta). The east side of town impassable river in one of the songs keroncong, Bengawan Solo. This city was also the seat of the prefect, in charge of the residency of Solo in the early days of independence. Resident office is now abolished and replaced by a "assistant governor for the region of Solo". Solo has the motto of which is an acronym beam of Clean, Healthy, Neat, and Beautiful. For the purposes of tourism marketing, tourism slogan Solo Solo took the Spirit of Java that is expected to build the image of the city of Solo as a center of Javanese culture.

Regional languages used in Solo is a dialect of Javanese Solo. These dialects differ slightly Javanese dialect used in other cities such as Semarang and Surabaya. The difference of vocabulary used, ngoko (rough)-conduct (smooth), and intonation. Java language of Surakarta is used as the standard Java language national (and international, as in Suriname).

Solo is a residential area for workers or the perpetrators of economic activity in the region of Solo City. New Solo there are many moderate and luxury housing, therefore New Solo is an elite residential area. New Solo also have Carrefour supermarket. Pandavas waterboom which is the largest in Central Java and Yogyakarta have in this area. Although included in Sukoharjo District but economically and politically New Solo closer to the city of Surakarta, because the location of the town area which directly borders the city of Surakarta, ever even discourse about regional integration in suburban areas around New Solo Surakarta including to put in territory. The total area of Surakarta City and town areas currently supporting approximately 150 km ² with a population of about 1 million people

The Largest Batik Producer

Solo's is one of the famous batik producer and batik shopping centre in Indonesia. Here there are many centers of batik cloth, which is famous among other Laweyan Batik Village area and the area Kauman Batik Village. Batik Tourism Village is one of the products and has become a city icon batik solo .Batik already known in Indonesia and became the main product export.

Solo Batik is famous for its traditional style and patterns in the process of batik and the batik stamp he wrote. The materials used for coloring is still a lot of wear materials such as Soga domestic well-known Java since the first. The pattern remained among others known as "Sidomukti" and "Sidoluruh".

Laweyan Batik Village

Laweyan is one of production, and shopping centers in the city of batik solo.In this village there are a lot of history behind this village became icon Batik Solo.
Batik is a traditional art works that many people studied the about Batik Producing. Since the 19th century, this village was known as batik village. That is why the village Laweyan village once known as batik masters who achieved glory at the age of 70 years.Now, Batik Solo has been exported to other country in the world

Shopping centre

Solo is a great city for shopping.In Solo there are two modern shopping centers, namely Solo Grand Mall and Square. Unless you need some clothes or snacks.It is precisely the need to visit the traditional markets. Klewer Market is the first order for you to shop by special Gifts from Solo, namely batik. Located on the north plaza right across from the Grand Mosque of Surakarta and just a stone's throw away to the palace, Klewer market provides a variety of batik patterns and applications. In addition to fabric and shirts are common, there is also a gown, gloves, or a pillowcase. The price depends on your bargaining skills. As an illustration, a piece of batik cloth in Jakarta at less cost Rp 250.000,00 ( US$25 ) here can be obtained with only one tenth! Skill Madyo Java language is required to obtain cheaper rates. If not, take just a friend or relative who can. Across the square is the shopping center ITC class of Solo Wholesale Center (PGS), Beteng Square. Certainly the market conditions are more okay than Klewer market, at least air-conditioned and clean. This would be compensated for by higher prices. But as expensive-high prices of PGS, attractive batik fabric can you get in here with low prices.There are more diverse, much like the traditional markets in other regions. Goods sold were also more household needs. If you want to find fresh vegetables of good quality, where this is the answer. Vegetables that come straight from the plantations in Tawangmangu and surrounding area, is ready selected from dawn. Gede market typically, in the middle of a seller's market dawet, and these outlets are not open branches. Each entry Gede market, there is less if not all carrying dawet in plastic packaging. Paired cendol green( Indonesian traditional food), basil, slices of jackfruit, liquid sugar, and coconut water makes this drink so popular from the first morning open until the afternoon. If your interest batik shopping, do not miss a trip to the village of batik Laweyan. This is where the centers of batik-making can be as large as the Kota Gede in Yogyakarta. You can see the process of making batik and bought it directly in the home manufacturer. if you are looking for another gifts except a batik, rather difficult to find. For example puppet or Beskap. Near the plaza to the south there Klewer market arena ,at these locations there are some traders who sell the puppet, but with the high price.

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