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29 January 2010

Bidadari Island

One of the interesting islands in indonesia can you visit is bidadari island

Bidadari Island is one of the resorts in the Thousand Islands District, Jakarta. Before the name of Angel Island, this island has two names of Island. Sakit Island and Purmerend Island

The journey to this resort does not take a long time because it was adjacent to the mainland Jakarta. From the dock marina Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, a trip to the resort is only half an hour by using a fast boat (speedboat) the island's manager. Because close to Jakarta, visitors who come to this resort using the Jetski there.
In one day there are at least two to three times the ship's departure from Marina Ancol jetty and from the island. Ship departures, mostly on Saturday while on a weekday, boat departures just two times.

Along the way to this resort, can be seen a group of islands filled with such historical value Cipir Island (Island of heaven), Onrust and Kelor. The islands were once used by the colonial Dutch East India Company, so many buildings look Dutch heritage as an ancient fortress and port.

Historic relics of the Dutch colonial era the main attraction at Bidadari Island. In this resort was offered to stay while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the sea.
Because of its location adjacent to Jakarta, many visitors who came just a day tour or not to stay better known as One Day Tour. Visitors who come here to relax than to enjoy the cool sea breeze, also wanted to see the historic buildings located in Bidadari Island.

So come to visit and enjoy your holiday!

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