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30 January 2010

Top 10 Foreigners MOST Favourite Indonesian Food

Indonesia has a lot of unique food. Besides of the uniqueness, Indonesian food are really delicious.Indonesia is known for having many different kinds of foods. Well, what would I write is about Indonesia's most favored food by foreign tongue, if you want to know what to eat in Indonesia ,I'm Proudly Present...This Is it!

10. Soto Betawi

Its a delicious thick soup in the bowl. Wanna try?

9.Fried Rice

Fried rice is the author's most favored food. warm white rice in the frying pan that has been over oiled. Given fried rice seasoning and etc. Makes me hungry...

8.Yellow Rice
This food is really yummy!

7. Fried Catfish with Indonesian Special Secret Sauce and Cucumber
feel the fried catfish with the hot of Indonesian sauce and the fresh of cucumber

6. Gudeg
A lot of chicken lamb with the yummy of jackfruit with white rice and sauce
You must try it!

Its a wierd name, but its a popular food in Jakarta


Siomay is a yummy food from indonesia. You know that Siomay Seller in Indonesia is more than 500.000 person! it means that siomay is delicious food.

3.Bakso - Meatballs in a bowl
Bakso is the most popular food in west of Indonesia

Satay is everywhere, but indonesian satay is halal. So, the Satay is made with chicken, cow, or goat lamb. But its real nyummy!

1.Gado - Gado
Triple Double yummy !

Lets eat!

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