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04 February 2010

Lake Sentani in Earth Paradise

Lake Sentani in Papua is located between latitude 20:33 south until 2041 and 1400.23 until 1400 38 east longitude. Being 70 to 90 m above sea level. Situated between the mountains also Cyclops. Volcanic lakes are. Source of water comes from 14 large and small rivers with a river mouth, Jaifuri Puay. Western region, long Doyo and Boroway, the depth of the lake is very steep. While the east and the middle, sloping and shallow, Puay and Simporo. Here also there in the swamp forests Simporo and Yoka. In some notes mentioned, the bottom waters contain sandy mud substrate (humus). In the waters are shallow, overgrown with pandanus and sago plants. The extent of approximately 9360 ha with average depth of 24.5 meters. Disekitaran this lake there are 24 villages. Scattered coastal area and the small islands are in the middle of the lake.

Lake Sentani is the largest lake in the province of Jayapura. This historic location offers incredible scenery. Still a couple of Crane and the Eagles are going to grab a fish in Lake Sentani. You also provided a Johnson boat around the lake while.
Honey Lake Sentani is still less well known as one tourism destination object compared to places other marine tourism in Indonesia. Therefore, the government makes an event nicknamed Festival Danau Sentani Sentani introduced as a step in the eyes of tourists baek or abroad.

Lake Sentani Festival
Festivals held each year is intended to preserve cultural values as a unique asset of Ondoafi and made a tour package that can be enjoyed by the domestic and foreign tourists.
At this festival will show a very unique culture as an inheritance from a common ancestor (Ondoafi or Ondofolo) among others, such as Dance War Above the boat and traditional dances from various other tribes in the Jayapura District coupled with the culture of other regions in Papua and other areas in Indonesia which have similar characteristics to the lake sentani as communities around Lake Toba in Sumatra, Mindanao Lake in North Sulawesi, Tempe lake in NTT and others.

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