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20 February 2010

The Mystery of Mount Krakatoa

People may not believe the various stories of mystery and mystical smells of Mount Anak Krakatau. But the emergence of surprises in 1927, it is no mystery volcanic both in the world.

The process begins with the emergence of Anak Krakatau eruption "parent", of Mount Krakatoa, on August 27, 1883.

According to historical records, Mount Krakatoa eruption so violent, shook the world and cause the greatest tsunami in Aceh before the tsunami disaster on December 26, 2004.

Mentioned that the burst of lava and ash of Mount Krakatoa time reaches a height of 80 km, while the ash around the earth for several years.

The explosion caused a tidal wave as high as 40 feet and swept along the Gulf coast west coast of Lampung and Banten region.

At least 36,000 people were killed at that time and the eruption voice heard mentioned that in Singapore and Australia. Kratakau eruption also caused a series of earthquakes that extends south to Australia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

In the book "Javanese Book of Kings", stated that the Mount Krakatoa Old (ancient) in height when it reaches 2000 meters with a radius of 11 km.

When erupted, the explosion resulted in three-quarters of his body were destroyed, leaving a small group of three islands namely Sertung Island, Long Island and the Big Island of Krakatoa.

Forty-four years later the embryo was born Anak Krakatau. Mentioned that around the year 1927, the fishermen who were fishing in the Sunda Strait, was suddenly startled by the appearance of black smoke on the surface of the sea between the three existing islands.

A year after the appearance of the smoke, came the Mount Anak Krakatau. Until now, Mount Anak Krakatau continues "to grow", and has reached a height of 280 meters above sea level.

To climb the top of Anak Krakatau, which required a special permit issued by the Center of Natural Resources Conservation (BKSDA) local. "There are permits issued in BKSDA, name Simaksi (Entry Permit conservation area). "To go to Anak Krakatoa, the system is not using the ticket, because Anak Krakatoa is a natural reserve," said Head of Lampung BKSDA Harianta Agus.

The regulation, according to Agus is to ensure the safety of the visitors, as Anak Krakatoa often showed activity deemed dangerous.

In fact, after the earthquake and tsunami that struck Aceh in 2004, there are fears Anak Krakatoa to erupt.

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