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19 March 2010

Tourism Objects in Maluku

Here are some tourism objects in one of the islands located in East Indonesia, Maluku. When you visited Maluku you may come to this places that we recommended. enjoy!

Victoria fort is a historical site located right in the center of the city of Ambon. The fort was built by the Portuguese in 1775 and subsequently taken over by the Dutch. Then the Dutch used this fort as a center of colonial government to dredge the Moluccas wealth in the form of spices.
In front of the castle there is the port that is used as a point inter-island sea transport. Through this port Dutch ships carrying the spices to be distributed to several countries in continental Europe. In the castle there is also a market on which to bring together a community of indigenous traders. The fort was also used as a defense of the various attacks indigenous people who resisted. Victoria fort is also the place where Pattimura, Indonesia's national hero, was hanged on December 6, 1817.


The location of Banda marine park is located between Neira Island, Gunung Api Island, Ai Island, Sjahrir Island and Hatta Island. Precisely located in Central Maluku district, Maluku Province. To get to the location can be reached by passenger ferry from the city of Ambon during the night.

You can do anything in this marine tourism, such as diving, fishing, sea view from the park boat, and the event is not less interesting is another bucket uli event that can be witnessed every year two times that in March and April in early evening in 15 days (heaven) at 17:00 until 20:00 CET. Uli bucket is "ocean party" Banda community to catch a kind of sea animals sea green caterpillar long (like yarn) and hairy. In this event, people scrambled to shore Banda, men and women, young and old. Is that fun enough?


This beach sloping, wide and very well known since the first, with fine white sand. No wonder the heart calming beach scene and delicious to the eyes. Especially when you have a long journey, the scenery beautiful beach provides calm and breezy winds that blow giving freshness. One of the nice vacation spot for you and your family. Natsepa beach can be a place to eliminate saturated after we worked too long in the city and relax yourself.
Ambon own people say, not to Ambon if not swimming in Natsepa. So do not miss this opportunity, when you visit to Ambon, not to not set foot on the beach and soak Natsepa.


Cakalele dance is one of the traditional dances of Maluku that is still often presented and played by about 30 men and women. 

The male dancers wore dominated by war red and dark yellow. In the dancer's hands holding a sword weapon (machete) on the right side and the shield (salawaku) on the left side, wearing a hat made of aluminum inserted white feather. Meanwhile, female dancers dressed in white, while holding a handkerchief (lenso) in both hands. The dancers are paired Cakalele, dancing to the accompaniment of drum music (drums), flutes, and large clams (bia) is blown.
The specialty of this dance lies in the three function symbols. (1) red dress in costume male dancers, symbolizing a sense of heroism to the earth the Maluku, and the courage and patriotism of the Maluku in the face of war. (2) The sword in the right hand symbolizes the pride that people of Maluku have retained until the death. (3) shield (salawaku) and shout out loud booming on the dance interlude symbolized protest movement against the system of government that are considered unbiased to the public.

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