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28 February 2010

Tangkuban Perahu Crater


Tangkuban Perahu Crater is one of the nature tourism object located in the southern region Subang, located at an altitude of 2084 m above sea level. Of natural beauty with a row of craters that stretch and cool mountain air and the expanse of the typical mountain other surrounding high-rise and the number of collections of plants and plants typical of tropical forests that flourished around the crater, making the boat Tangkuban as an attractive tourist destination in Subang regency. Viewed from the city of Bandung, the mountain Tangkuban Parahu has a unique shape like a boat upside down (Bahasa Sunda: Tangkuban = reverse, Parahu = Boat). 
Enjoying the view from the crater Tangkuban Perahu, like seeing a giant bowl of very large and deep. When the weather clears, the curve of land on the crater wall of the crater base as well as can be seen quite clearly that it can provide a panoramic view is spectacular. Glory craters so wide and deep, at least be able to force the viewer to pause and wonder for a moment the greatness of God's work.the
shape of the crater is shaped like a ship linked by the Sangkuriang legend, which is believed to be the beginning of Tangkuban Perahu.
Facilities and Tariff Entry
Gift Shop, Cafeteria and information center (TIC), souvenir shops, homestay, camping ground, outbound area, parking area, the area on horseback. The tariffs went into Tangkubanparahu attractions location of Rp 9000.
To go to these attractions, visitors can use either private vehicles or 2 wheels or 4 wheels of public transport. The travel time to Sari Ater attractions, namely the town of Subang with travel time approximately 40 minutes to the south of Bandung, while around 50 minutes and from Jakarta via toll SADANG with travel time approximately 3 hours while the hot water attractions with travel time Ciater 15 minutes. Condition of the road to this area, both from Subang and Bandung is very good. However, keep in mind about the condition of the vehicle, due to the location from Bandung and Subang will go through a pretty tough climb. 

many people around Tangkuban Perahu is believed that the crater was formed based on the legend of Sangkuriang, a bachelor who loves his own mother called Dayang Sumbi. He fell when he kicked the boat made into an instant forest that turned into a boat-shaped mountain is flat, because he felt deceived by her mother.

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